Petal snow drifting,
Cherry-pink swirling carpet:
Walls fall at your touch.
              Haiku Journal, Issue #47.

Pale translucent arc
Prism light in a sun-rain sky
Beautiful your lies
            Haiku Journal, Issue #62.

sedimentary fossils
               Cattails, April 2019

Fall slips in softly
Cicada sing counterpoint
Unsure transition
         The Weekly Avocet #355, 22 Sept. 2019 

Simplicity, December 2017

The Art of Exultation, October 2017

The Good Gardener, May 2017

Drought in October, Fall 2017

The One of Many, July 2017
       The Avocet, fall 2018


November sunset tucks love in bed

To the Least of These
         The Weekly Avocet #336, 8 Dec. 2019

Southeastern Autumn 2022
       The Weekly Avocet #519, 8 Dec. 2022

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