The Art of Exultation

The Art of Exultation

What will you do now that your work is done?
I will sing the song I have not yet sung.

I will sing a song with words that have never been said,
Invoking images that have never been imagined.
Songs that will make Solomon feel new canticles of desire
And the Daughters of Jerusalem chant new choruses of love.

I will play harmonies that have never before been heard,
So compelling, attending stars in their circuits will pause to listen.
Half the world will see their hesitation, wondering at the halting of the heavens;
Half the world will suspect that they have missed some mystic revelation.

I will dance a dance with steps impossible for human feet
With abandoned enthusiasm that outpaces David before God’s ark,
With leaps and twirls and timing terrifying to conceive,
With movements incredible of power, strength, and grace.

I will sing of you and me, and the pulse of all creation,
Of all that barks and buzzes, of all that floats and flies,
Of all that fruits and flourishes, of all that wants and waits.
I will sing, and play, and dance in exultation.  But

Until this song is sung, my work will not be done.


October, 2017