six on Saturday, 4 April 2020

“Staying home” as I am, I spend lots of time working in and wandering about the garden–always with my phone, and therefore camera, at hand.  And that means photos, lots of photos.  My “six” for today will be one photo a day since last week’s Six on Saturday, well one photo a day except for yesterday when there was just too much activity around the azalea.  I hope my friends behind doors in more urban areas will enjoy this virtual week in the garden.  Readers can enjoy other gardens or share things going on in their own by visiting The Propagator’s site and following comments and guidelines for Six on Saturday.

1. Saturday, tulip

Saturday, tulip

2. Sunday, Piedmont azalea (Rhododendron canescens)

Sunday, Piedmont azelea

3. Monday, red Japanese maple

Monday, red Japanese maple

4. Tuesday, double narcissus

Tuesday, double narcissus

5. Wednesday, red buckeye (Aesculus pavia)

red buckeye

6. Thursday, dwarf iris (Iris verna)

dwarf Iris

6b. Friday, azalea (and friends)

I hope everyone is finding satisfying work and assurance in their gardens.  Stay healthy and safe.

9 Replies to “six on Saturday, 4 April 2020”

  1. Lovely as usual, Susan! (Do you have to cool tulip bulbs in your freezer and then plant them as annuals as far south as Alabama? Or are there some varieties, this one perhaps, that don’t need a few months of cold winter?)

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    1. I’m very bad about gathering bulbs for over-wintering. I’ve lost or diminished more than one dahlia this way. The tulips I have this year are new plantings. Given our increasingly warm and wet winters, I think I will dig these up.


  2. Piedmont azalea; I barely remember those. There were some in the arboretum, but we did not grow any. There was no demand for them. No one here knew what they were. There was actually more interest in the Western azalea, which is not really as interesting.

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  3. Thank you, again, dear friend. Finding much therapy in the yard. We spent 9 hours on Saturday pruning, cleaning, and reclaiming our back yard expanse. We are starting to see the “canvas” that once was. I’m sitting outside as I write, just having taught SN 220 online!

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